Cycling is healthy. We all know that. But many of us have already gave up on cycling because of age, health problems or simply the feeling of strong physical effort spent on cycling. We have a great opportunity for you to enjoy sport and stay healthy – E-bike! The E-bike has many health benefits.
E-bike riding does not mean a reduction in movement and lower joints mobility or the cardiovascular system slowdown! NO! E-bikes only make it easier to overcome the steep parts and allow us to enjoy really long rides.

E-bike riding keeps you healthy and reduces the risk of heart attack

E-bike ride maintains a cardiovascular system and contributes to the general form of your complete psycho-physical condition. Our experience shows that all those who tried to ride an e-bike were thrilled because of the fact that they did not feel excessive tiredness and exhaustion while cycling. When your personal limit is exceeded, the engine is here to support you.

Blood pressure increases when riding a bicycle, but in the long run, it falls to a lower level, unlike the sedentary way of life. It protects the heart because it has to pump against less resistance. Thank to the sport, the heart muscle is trained and better supplied with blood. Increasing efficacy prevents cardiovascular disease. Also, in case of cardiovascular disease, but in consultation with a doctor, it is advisable to deal with this activity. Intensity and load when riding an e-bike can be very well adapted to individual needs. The use of the heart rate meter is recommended. E-bike allows us to control the effort while cycling. This basically means that if our heart passes a certain frequency, the engine helps our body to stay in the optimal heart rate zone.

E-bike ride makes you fit and healthy

Many people refrain from sports because they are exhausted after a hard day at work and have no desire to go to the gym. Some may feel uncomfortable because they are not like those who train almost every day and have a body already built by lifting the weights we can only dream of.

These factors can be compensated by e-bikes. Bicycles with an electric engine enable physical shape and can prevent health problems for people with all body types and conditions. 

Lose extra weight permanently with E-bike

Motivation is the key to weight loss. E-bike motivates. Regular e-bike ride will help you to burn many calories. With just half an hour of lightweight cycling every day, muscles build up and at the same time slowly reduce weight. Permanently, without extreme alteration of eating habits. Short-term success of fast weight loss is not based on changes in eating habits or changing habits of behavior. Slow weight loss through moderate exercise is healthier and more promising than any “miraculous diet”. Fast weight loss means an even faster weight gain as soon as you stop starving, but motivation remains because E-bike is fun and easy to ride, almost effortless, or with the effort we can control.

E-bikes and knee problems

These days, unfortunately, an increasing number of people have problems with their knees. This is a direct consequence of sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and sports injuries. Cycling is an ideal sport for maintaining knee health as well as for rehabilitation after overcoming illness, injury or surgery. Unlike walking or jogging, the knee joint is under much less stress and pressure while at the same time active which increases circulation and automatically contributes to recovery. With E-bikes, we can tune in effort, and even if any disturbance occurs during riding, the engine is the one that will help us to without having any bad consequences or trouble.

Enjoy riding an e-bike despite asthma

In the past, asthma patients were advised not to practice sports. „Take care“. But time has shown that too much “resting” does not contribute to improving the health condition because sport is the only thing that is strengthening the lungs. Many asthmatics lack air when they are under physical stress. Because in normal condition the airways are moist and warm but during the physical effort large amounts of dry and cold air are injected into the respiratory tract. Breathing is faster and deeper. It irritates the airway and narrows the bronchi. Doctors call it excercise-induced asthma. Exercising does not only train muscles but also lung function. Some sports, like running, expose the airways to extreme cold air, causing asthma. Therefore, people suffering from asthma should choose “smoother” sports such as swimming, yoga or e-bike riding. E-bike cycling has a great advantage because the load can never be too big. If you feel suspicious whistle in the lungs you can immediately reduce the effort by adding more electricity to the electric engine. This is especially important when riding in a group – a group does not have to wait for a member who has asthma problems or is simply tired.

E-bike riding as a therapy for joint inflammation

Keep Chronic Arthritis “under control” by riding an E-bike. In treatment of chronic inflammation of the joints, the goal is to slow down the course of the disease. By combining medicaments and cycling, your illness will be held under control and you will for sure feel better. Physiotherapy and related light sports like e-cycling are recommended for polyarthritis. With e-bikes, the necessary movement is particularly easy despite the pain because the pressure can be dosed.

Prevent back pain

If you ride a bike or e-bike your back will strengthen. Many cyclists complain of back problems, but that does not mean that cycling is fundamentally harmful to the back. Just the opposite: proper cycling can prevent back pain. Back pain is caused by wrong and one-sided stress during sports activities or simply not enough workout. Incorrect load on the back reduces the natural nutrition of the intervertebral disc. Result: the intervertebral disk changes so much that it can no longer protect spine. Cycling offers three reasons why back problems may disappear. When riding a bike, the intervertebral disk is better supplied with the necessary nutrients, and it does not have to carry the full body weight. Most back muscles are trained in cycling. And third, the vertebrae become significantly stabilized. This is due to the small muscles between the vertebrae, they support the spine. When riding a bicycle, muscle groups along the spine are trained and the function of intervertebral discs is retained.

And finally, if you are a former athlete who wants to reactivate or you simply decided to get back in shape, the easiest and most effective way is to do it with an e-bike!