On this route we start from the ferry port Porozina and we take the island’s main road to rise 10 kilometers to the crossroads of Beli („White“). Just before Beli, in the village of Sveti Petar („St. Peter“), we make a turn into the forest that will take us to the land of little “Macmalić” dwarfs through the almost fairy landscape of oak woods.

The path leads us through the abandoned villages with a very interesting autochthonous architecture and finally we reach the northernmost point of the island, Konec („The End“), which offers a fantastic view of Rijeka („The River“) and Učka. From this point, we have to take a little bit more demanding route to arrive to the town of Beli – the residence of the ornithological reserve of white-haired vultures. Beli is an ideal place to rest and refresh before the final climb to the village of Niska („Short“), one of the few villages with inhabitants. Mountain Sis guides us back to the island’s harbor and we descend to the Porozina ferry port.

We can also do a shorter version of 34 km, but need to get to the starting point 8 km away from the dock, by car.


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